Art at Volmoed

Alyson Guy who joined the Volmoed Community in 1994, has always been involved with Art in various forms since school days. In 2005 they moved into their new home "Die Nessie" on Volmoed.

Through being involved in the local Hermanus Art Society, others got to hear about this space for art at Volmoed. A group of friends started meeting to paint together with Alyson – Audrey Hickman, Christa Clark, Isobel de Gruchy and Erna Dry.

Several groups who have booked retreats on Volmoed have requested the Art ministry to facilitate creative time eg: Chris Spies & Unyoke, Lionel Louw & Anglican priests, DRC ministers from Bloemfontein and now also the VYLTP groups.

Numerous of Alyson's artworks can be found decorating the guest cottages and other facilities on Volmoed.

Audrey Hickman took up the role of art teacher in 2018.

Classes are limited to maximum of eight people per session, and each person is expected to pay for a minimum of two sessions per month.

A limited supply of assorted materials are available for Beginners, but ideally you are expected to provide your own.

The Artroom is equipped with easels and work tables, a sink, tea/coffee station, a couch and a library of assorted books which you may borrow. There are numerous sources of reference material to spark the imagination.

The setting on a farm also holds many opportunities to paint outdoors if you wish.

During the Hermanus FynArts Festival each June, we hold an exhibition in the Conference Room of selected work with a relevant theme.

Artist: Alyson Guy
Artist: Audrey Hickman