The Lock down effect on Volmoed

Posted on Mon April 6, 2020.

There are several ways to help from over the world

Dear friends 

 Thank you all for your prayers and support for Volmoed over many years. Many of you have been wondering how we are doing in these times.  

 When the virus turned into a global threat we lost a big international group due to flight restrictions. Unfortunately cancellations snowballed as the pandemic did. This resulted in reduced hours for our staff, to the point of lock down ending 16 April 2020, possibly later. Due to all this we have no bookings and with that no income.

 Volmoed wants to keep paying the staff for the reduced hours throughout the lock down but without any booking there is no income, and this becomes increasingly difficult as we are without reserves.

 Please help us raise the funds to ensure that all the staff can be paid at the end of April. Please pray for all the staff and residents of Volmoed. We are a family, a community, and when one of us hurts we all hurt. This is a time of crisis and great sacrifice is needed by all as we adjust and try to help those who are more vulnerable than us. 

 We are trusting, that as with the loaves and fishes, and in the past for Volmoed, God will make a way and see us all through this.

 If all of us pass on the newsletter, or share the need on Facebook, or email to our friends - and if many of us give a little, we will reach our goal of raising one full month of salaries for all the grounds, cleaning and office staff, and like the baskets of leftovers, maybe more! 

As you pray for us in these times, we pray for you. May we trust that we will discover as Dame Julian of Norwich said during the time of the plague that "All shall be well, all things shall be well and all manner of things shall be well." That nothing can separate us from God's unstoppable love. It is my prayer that in unexpected, surprising ways, we may experience God's love, grace and mercy as never before, that we are all interconnected and interdependent, along with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength to take the next steps and live one day at a time.  

 Thank you!

Wilma Jakobsen

Volmoed Chaplain

In the UK:

Email Di MILLER, [email protected] for details of how to donate, through Charities Aid Foundation or local bank transfer. Please use 'Contingency Fund' as the reference or transaction name.

 In the US: 

The GoFundMe page on the Volmoed FaceBook page and my personal FB page:


Make an EFT donation. Please use 'Contingency Fund' as the reference or transaction name:

First National Bank Hermanus 

Branch code: 200412  A/C 524 700 27156

Name: The Volmoed Trust


 Other countries: 

PayPal:   Send a donation to my PayPal account, call it 'Volmoed Contingency Fund',  use my name and email, [email protected].  Let me know when it is sent, and I will forward all donations to the Volmoed bank account.