He has risen

Posted on Thu April 15, 2021.

New and Old
Prayer and praise

In the March Newsletter we reflected on the force of the water as it tumbles over the rocks at the waterfall. Now we retrace our steps to get to The Lake (Duck Pond). Again find a bench to sit on and enjoy the tranquillity of the water. Reflect on Ps 23. In this place of rest and restoration enjoy being in His presence, feasting at His table. 

This ties in with Easter, preceded by our time of reflection during Lent. Then celebrating the Risen Lord with our Thanksgiving Service and Picnic on Family Day (Easter Monday).  Rejoicing in God’s goodness towards us. Don’t forget to let us know if you will be joining us.



Congratulations to Bernhard and Jane on the safe arrival of Ella May, their fifth grandchild on the 3rd of March.

Also to Leana &  Mlungisi on the birth of their son Noah on the 16th March.



On Saturday the 20th of March a memorial service was held in the Chapel for Bill Davis who passed away on the 14th at the age of 88. Friends and family came to pay their respects on a rather wet and blustery day.


Lyndell Murray presided over the service and family members paid tribute to a father and grandfather. Although he is no longer with us we will constantly be reminded of his presence when we are in the Sanctuary or Breezeway at the Chapel. As his sculptures not only remind us of him and his talent but also draw us to reflect on Christ.

Thank you for the memories Bill.




Dear Volmoed, Thank you so much for your hospitality this past weekend. The accommodation was clean and comfortable and the peace uplifting.


We give thanks that Brother Scott has arrived safely in Santa Barbara. The visit he was hoping to make at Christmas time is now a reality. Keep him in your prayers as he has to deal with the bureaucracy of sorting out his visa.

“Are You Saved?”  by Linder Unders

All this talk of saving souls,

Souls weren’t meant to save,

Like Sunday clothes that

give out at the seams.


They’re made for wear;

they come with a lifetime guarantee.

Don’t save your soul.

Pour it out like rain

on cracked, parched earth.


Give your soul away,

or pass it like a candle flame.

Sing it out,

or laugh it up the wind.


Souls were meant for hearing

breaking hearts, for puzzling dreams,

remembering August flowers,

forgetting hurts.


These folk who talk of saving souls!

They have the look of bullies

who blow out candles before you

sing happy birthday,

and want the world to be in alphabetical order.


I will spend my soul,

Playing it out like sticky string

Into the world …

So I can catch every last thing I touch.


Next time someone asks, “Is your soul saved?”

Say, “No, it’s spent, spent, spent!”



Both prayer and praise are weapons we can use to change situations in life.

· Please continue to pray for our staff members. They are always willing and do their jobs with a smile even in these tough times when they face loss of loved ones and other challenges.

· Give thanks for the continued  health of Peterus’ daughter Zoe.

· We give thanks and pray for all the visitors coming to Volmoed in April



We decided to do a CANSA Shavethon not only to raise money for a cause that touches most of our lives but we hoped to give some exposure to Volmoed.  It also gave us the opportunity to work together with others in the Valley. Despite the rainy weather we were still able to raise R 2663.60 between the Shavethon and Tea and Cake at the Plaaskombuis.





Chaplain's Corner

Love and Suffering in a Time of Covid-19

(The theme of our Taize Day) For many this past Covid-19 year has been a long season of dislocation, suffering, and loss, as we mourn much of what gives our lives meaning. Palm Sunday and Holy Week help us to pray and process it all. Jesus walked the way of Love and suffering and torture, offering his life in Love and solidarity with all who suffer. On the cross, Jesus carried our burdens of brokenness, disillusionments, failures and sorrows. In Holy Week we are invited to give those we carry to Jesus.

The women waited around the cross with Jesus, in tears and grief. We luckily know the ending already. Good Friday and death ends in Easter Sunday and resurrection. We can trust the promise that Love overcomes hate, Life overcomes death. We can trust that in these never-ending Covid-19 times, there is light at the end of a long tunnel.  We see it here at Volmoed.

We give people the opportunity to continue their studies and growth by continuing the momentum of VYLTP (Volmoed Youth Leadership Training Program) online.

St Patricks’s Anglican Women’s Fellowship, Mount Pleasant, enjoyed a Quiet Evening on a stormy night, led by Rev Nitano Muller and myself. Focused on ‘Listening with New Hearts’, ending with a short Taizé Prayers around the Cross.

This past weekend Volmoed rang out with beautiful music, singing and the voices of young adults from Zwelihle, Mount Pleasant, and the Western Cape, for the second Pilgrimage of Trust Volmoed Taizé Day.

Please continue praying for the building on my house.

God’s love and grace always travel with us on the journey; Huge love and virtual hugs to you this ho ly week and Easter!